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Consumables for calendar production

Double loop wire

Double loop wire is designed for binding calendars and other printed materials.

Coloures: white, black, silver, bronze. Special colours on request.

Sales by spool.

Characteristics of double loop wire

Diameter inch/mm Loops
in one spool
capacity, mm
capacity, sheets
Pitch 3:1
1/2" - 12,7 mm240008,070
1/4" - 6,4 mm810004,035
5/16" - 7,9 mm580005,645
3/8" - 9,5 mm400007,065
7/16" - 11,0 mm320009,585
1/2" - 12,7 mm2400011,0105
9/16" - 14,3 mm1930012,7120
Pitch 2:1
5/8" - 16,0 mm1000013,2135
3/4" - 19,0 mm700015,0165
7/8" - 22,0 mm500019,0195
1" - 25,4 mm360021,0225
1 1/8" - 28,5 mm320024,0255
1 1/4" - 31,8 mm200027,0285


Hooks for hanging calendars on the wall.


Hangers’ length: 150, 200, 300, 350, 400 mm.

Colours: white, black.

Metal strips

Metal strips for squeezing printed materials: posters, calendars, maps, catalogues, brochures etc.

Made of thin coloured steel sheet, can be supplied together with hangers or without.

Sales at one package. Can be supplied as sets (up + bottom) or separately. The price for the up part makes 60% of the set’s price, for the bottom part – 50% of the set’s price.

Types of strips

ColourQuantity in
one package, pcs
290white, black, blue, red, golden, silver1000
300white, black, blue, red, golden, silver1000
310white, black, blue, red, golden, silver1000
330white, black, blue, red, golden, silver1000
420white, black, blue, red, golden, silver1000
500white, black, blue, silver1000

Calendar caret ("window")

Курсор Transparent film tape with the "window" of different dimensions, designed to indicate the date on the wall calendars.

 Dimension hDimension a
2P17 mm24 mm
3P20 mm31 mm


Цветовая гаmmа курсоров

How to assemble

Схема сборки курсоров

Fixed caret
for table calendars "Triangle"

Фиксированный курсор
Transparent tape, mm98 x 11
External frame, mm14 x 11,5
Internal frame, mm10 x 8

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